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3 Reasons Students Should Purchase Pre-Owned Vehicles

Transportation is important, especially for students. Whether you need to get to and from class or you need to commute to an off-campus job, transportation is likely a significant part of your life. While riding public transportation can be nice, it’s almost impossible to ride the bus with suitcases, a musical instrument, or furniture. If you need to get to your music class, grocery shop, or move into your dorm, a car is the most ideal mode of transportation. Here’s three reasons students should purchase pre-owned vehicles:

Student with Used Car at Greatneck Motorsports

First, a pre-owned vehicle can save students money. The value of a brand new vehicle can depreciate in value by about 20% when you drive it off the lot. Meanwhile, the value of a pre-owned vehicle maintains itself a lot longer. If you plan on reselling your car one day, you’ll get closer to what you paid for it if you buy used.

Shopping pre-owned also gives students a wide range of options to shop from. If you’re shopping brand new, you don’t have a lot of flexibility when it comes to price, body style, and features within your price range. When you shop pre-owned, you can get a lot more for a lot less. You can also try out trucks, SUVs, minivans, sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes to determine which vehicle is most ideal for you.

The third reason to shop for a pre-owned vehicle is to enjoy the benefits of a certified pre-owned program. Certified pre-owned vehicles are like-new vehicles for a pre-owned price. They undergo intense inspections to earn their certified label, meaning these cars are reliable, high-quality, and valuable.

To discover the perfect pre-owned vehicle for your student lifestyle, shop with Greatneck Motorsports. You can find us at 300 Great Neck Road in Great Neck.

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