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Finance a Used Acura

The Acura brand radiates pure luxury and style in the automotive industry. Paired with excellent performance and consistent reliability, this trademark is supreme all around, yet it costs less than the price of other makes in its class. You can feel like royalty while driving your dream on wheels without breaking the bank. Plus, Acuras tend to hold their values slightly better when compared to competitors. Greatneck Motorsports explains the benefits of financing a used Acura below.

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The first appealing feature of financing is that drivers are able to borrow 100% of an auto’s cost of purchase. This benefit allows a customer to obtain a car right away instead of putting money aside over time in order to produce a chunk of cash upon sealing the deal. After the required paperwork is completed at the dealership, the vehicle is ready to take home and enjoy. If you choose this route, be certain beforehand that you can cover your monthly finance payments so that there will be no problem keeping up your end of the monetary agreement.

Secondly, and very importantly, taking out a car loan will assist you in establishing credit as long as you are responsible. If you are always on time when making your payments, you are on your way to building a favorable track record in terms of credit. A good credit rating opens the door for future loans such as securing a mortgage for a house or borrowing money for a business.

Thirdly, since you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to buy your pre-owned Acura outright from the start, you can keep your money in the bank where it may come in handy for other purchases and/or if you have any unforeseen expenses down the road. As life is often unpredictable, holding onto your nest egg rather than sinking it into a vehicle can undoubtedly provide financial reassurance and peace of mind. Lastly, your auto finance may be tax-deductible. For example, if you are the owner of a company and the business takes out a loan to obtain a company car, the costs associated with the loan can be tax-deductible. Be sure to speak with your accountant to find out if you are able to claim any expenses such as the interest on the loan, insurance payments, auto servicing, and repairs.

Greatneck Motorsports supplies patrons with an impressive variety of quality pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices. We are conveniently situated at 300 Great Neck Road in Great Neck, NY, and may be contacted by calling (516) 590-3580.

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    The Advantages of Buying a Used Car

    With the economy as unpredictable as it is and a worldwide microchip shortage that we’ll be dealing with for quite some time, purchasing a brand-new vehicle might present itself with a slight deal of difficulty. While life continues to return to a state of normalcy after the global pandemic and the urge to travel and have a new method of transportation is indeed strong, there’s a good chance that newer vehicles will have high prices for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean that a new vehicle is completely out of your grasp. With current events being what they are, buying a used vehicle is one of the more advantageous solutions in your corner.

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    6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Car

    So it’s time for you to get behind the wheel of a new-to-you vehicle. For many of us, buying a brand new vehicle is not in our budget; therefore, buying a used car is the next best thing and can even be more ideal than buying new if you’re looking to get the best possible value. Here are six questions to ask before purchasing a used car.

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    How Much Air Should I Put in My Tires?

    It is vital that your tires are inflated with the recommended amount of pressure to help promote their longevity and also get optimum gas mileage. The air pressure is calculated in terms of PSI which is the abbreviation for pounds per square inch. The appropriate tire pressure for newer vehicles is usually found on a sticker that is situated on the inside portion of the driver’s door. In the event that the information is not located on the door, the owner’s manual should contain the pertinent details regarding air pressure.

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    Car Maintenance Basics for Summer Road Trips

    Summer is the season of road trips. Whether you’re traveling across the country to visit friends or family or you’re taking your friends or family with you to a thrilling destination, half the fun of a road trip is the ride there. Before you head out on a summer road trip this year, be sure to maintain your vehicle. Here are some car maintenance basics for summer road trips:

    Summer Road Trip Before you leave on your road trip you should make sure your vehicle has fresh fluids, including oil, fuel, and windshield wiper fluid. Don’t forget to clean out or replace your filters as well. You also need to check your tire pressure before hitting the road. A tire pressure monitor can tell you if your tires are at the correct PSI. To know your vehicle’s tire’s proper PSI, check the sidewall of your tires or your owner’s manual.

    Summer heat can take a toll on your vehicle. Your battery may fail in the heat if not properly maintained. Before your next road trip, look for signs of oxidation on your battery. White, crusty buildup on the terminals means your battery may be in need of replacement. Have a professional inspect your battery if you find signs of oxidation.

    Overheating happens, especially in the summer. Know the signs of engine overheating before your next road trip to be as safe as possible when you’re traveling. Some signs of overheating include steam billowing from the hood, the smell of burning oil or rubber, coolant leaks, audible ticking under the hood, thumping noises, an excessively hot hood, and the temperature gauge on your dashboard maxing out. If any of these signs occur, pull to the side of the road to prevent further damage and to stay as safe as possible.

    Now that you know how to care for your car, you’re ready to shop for your next road trip vehicle. Shop with Greatneck Motorsports to discover top-quality used cars that are road-trip ready. Find us at 300 Great Neck Road in Great Neck.

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