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Investing Your Future in a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Shopping for a used car is one of the most stressful activities you can go through. The experience hasn’t been made any simpler by popular culture, which would have us believe that there is a never-ending cavalcade of shady dealers looking to unload piles of junk to unsuspecting motorists. Luckily for us, this is a stereotype that mainly exists in the world of the sitcom.

invest in a certified preowned vehicle

One thing we DO know is that purchasing a car is very similar to making an investment. In many respects, it is. A vehicle you buy is much more than a means from getting from point A to point B. Much like the family pet, you’ll need to take it for a periodic checkup, keep it in good shape, and make sure it’s in good standing for the entirety of its life span. That’s why when it’s time for you to make that important investment, getting a CPO (certified pre-owned) vehicle might be one of your best options.

Buying a CPO allows for peace of mind. While used cars sold by a third party might come a little less expensive, there’s sometimes more risk involved. You might not know all there is about the car’s history, or if it’s had a considerable amount of trouble in the past. Not to mention, the responsibility for all repairs becomes your responsibility the moment the transaction ends. A CPO is pre-inspected by a licensed mechanic and covered by a warranty.

Before purchasing any car that’s been previously owned, it’s important to know that you have every right to know that vehicle’s history—be it one that’s reliable or problematic. While there’s still a risk in buying anything second-hand, the level of risk with a CPO is considerably lower. While a CPO has been inspected by a trained professional, it’s important to remember the first rule of Murphey’s Law—what can go wrong, will go wrong. Should this occur, you have a formidable ace up your sleeve, warranty repair supplied by the dealership. Although your car is by all accounts “used” your warranty will afford you all the benefits of a car purchased new.

Any car you purchase is an investment. When you’re ready to make that leap and invest in a higher quality of life, Greatneck Motorsports is here to provide you with a considerable amount of investment opportunities. Family-owned and operated since 1959, we put quality and customer service at the forefront of our business. We have the very best high-end pre-owned inventory in the area, so make that investment today. Visit us at 300 Great Neck in Great Neck to see for yourself. We may also be contacted by calling (516) 590-3580.

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