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Now is the Time to Buy!

Now is the time to buy! Don’t be afraid to buy a car, even in today’s market, because there are so many important advantages. Greatneck Motorsports wants to reassure every potential new buyer in the Great Neck, NY, area that you can buy a great car without compromising your entire budget.

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Here’s why . . .

Reasons to Buy Now

  • Buying Still Beats Leasing
  • Let’s face it. Leasing has become many car dealerships’ best friend because it means the money keeps coming into them regardless of how long you’ve had the car (or how much it’s depreciated in value). With this in mind, it’s still a much better idea to locate an affordable used car than to deal with the many drawbacks of leasing.
  • You Can Leverage Your Current Car For Trade Value
  • So, you heard that cars are in short supply, which has driven up the cost of new and used cars alike? While that may be true in many respects, it also means that you’re sitting on a lucrative bargain chip with the car you already own. Why not put that to good use and trade it with a dealer who probably wants to bolster their inventory anyway? Now is by far the best time to trade in any older car that’s still in decent shape.
  • Own Something You Can Modify
  • Leasing a car tends to mean you miss out on modification choices because the vehicle simply isn’t yours. Therefore, if you want to paint it, get a window tint, hike it up with a lift kit, or anything else, it’s so much better to own a vehicle and possess the right to do whatever you want with it.
  • Used Cars Still Offer Plenty of Options
  • Greatneck Motorsports seeks to fulfill the market demand for affordable used cars. Despite a tough market where new cars and parts are in short supply, we’ve been able to give our patrons some much more reasonable prices than many of our competitors.
  • Financing Procedures Can Help
  • Sometimes buying a vehicle depends greatly on financial availability. Fortunately, we offer several ways to amortize your car payments into smaller and digestible amounts. Find out how you can get pre-approved for financing with us today.
  • Leasing Could Force You to Buy Anyway
  • Another knock against leasing is that many of those contracts still end with you buying the car regardless. If that’s the case, you may as well buy on YOUR terms, not just the pre-packaged and often stringent rules involved with leasing.

Greatneck Motorsports serves the Great Neck community with only the best pre-owned vehicle options. We never try to cajole you into buying a clunker or lemon car. So, whatever your price range, we’re happy to help you find and afford a terrific used car. Call us to find out more, at 516-590-3580.

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