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Reasons to Buy a Lexus

We’re all about owning and driving premium cars and the Lexus manufacturer is one of those makers that always delivers stupendous luxury. Greatneck Motorsports invites you to consider some of these reasons to buy a Lexus from us.

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Reasons to Buy a Lexus at Greatneck Motorsports

Lexus is One of the Biggest Innovators

They’re the first at a lot of things. Lexus is the first to construct a luxury-class hybrid model, eight-speed automatic transmission, and even the iconic low-beam LED headlamps. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and flattery is the best that many of the competitors can muster against this cutting-edge maker.

Lexus Gives You Consistently Excellent Fuel Efficiency

All of the Lexus models excel at fuel economy, but we want to highlight the remarkable Lexus CT200h, which boasts a city gas efficiency as high as 43 MPG. That’s unthinkable for a lot of cars out there, especially the ones that boast so much about power and handling.

Lexus Has Awesome Handling

Speaking of handling, Lexus vehicles are known for smooth driving. When you hop into one of their luxury sedans, get ready to experience the most responsive steering, easy turning, and an overall fun driving adventure every time.

Lexus Models are Affordable

While some luxury vehicles cost well in excess of $50,000, we often see Lexus cars that still have tons of great features, and they only cost roughly $30,000. This includes the newer hybrid models. Don’t forget that if you need any help with financing, we’re more than happy to help you plan your purchase carefully.

Other Customers Love Lexus

For all these reasons and more, we always see folks flock to the Lexus models. The critics give them high marks as well. JD Power & Associates has ranked them as the highest in customer satisfaction for five years running.

Greatneck Motorsports supplies Great Neck, New York, with the highest-rated premium vehicles on the market. Check out our used car inventory to learn more about our full range of offerings on top cars from Lexus, Acura, Audi, and more. If you have any questions about anything you see or want to check out a Lexus here, then visit us any day of the week or call us at 516-590-3580.

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