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The 2019 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL: A Used Car Worth Purchasing

Buying a used or CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) car can be difficult sometimes. While publications such as Consumer Reports give you an idea about what makes and models get the highest safety ratings, finding what’s best for you can still be the biggest challenge. When it comes to reliability, cost, and fuel efficiency, one of the best items on the market as far as used vehicles are concerned is the 2019 Nissan Altima. We’ve gathered some of the advantages of owning one.


When you get behind the wheel of any car, you want to feel in control of your own destiny. Sure, you still have a daily work commute and other responsibilities to adhere to, but you want to feel free and have the world at your fingertips. The 2019 Altima comes with a 2.5 Liter 4-cylinder engine that boats 182 HP. While you might not be looking to win any drag races, you’ll still have a substantial amount of power under the hood. 178 lbs. of torque to match the Altima’s HP will make sure you get to your destination on time, and sometimes even ahead of schedule.


One of the biggest concerns for any driver is how much they’ll be paying at the pump. With routine maintenance and insurance already costing what they do, the last thing you want to do is drain your checking account when you hit the gas station. Luckily, the Altima’s 28-39 MPG means you’ll have a decent amount of time between hill ups, and you’ll be able to tackle the weekly commute and a weekend getaway without any trouble.

Style & Safety

Getting to your destination is one thing, getting there comfortably and safely is another. Dual-zone climate control and optional leather seats make for a trip where the elements are entirely up to your discretion. The Altima’s stylish exterior also means heads will be turning upon your arrival. As far as safety is concerned, the Altima’s multiple airbags means you’ll be protected, and a rear-view backup camera means an extra eye on your surroundings.

Nissan’s CPO Warranty

While there’re sometimes worries about buying anything used, refurbished, or pre-owned, Nissan will help eliminate these fears from the equation. All certified pre-owned Nissan’s are backed by a 7 year/100,000-mile warranty, and all have passed a rigorous inspection before going on the market.

Traveling at Greatneck Speeds

When you’re ready for that next vehicle, Greatneck Motorsports has the best options for you. We offer the highest in quality when it comes to our inventory, and our service is just as top-notch. Visit us online for financing offers and specials and see for yourself.

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