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The 4 Common Causes of Car Breakdowns Over Summer

Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy by making plenty of outdoor plans both near and far. The last thing anyone needs to get in the way is a vehicle breakdown. Greatneck Motorsports brings you the four common reasons below that cause automobiles to have breakdowns during summer months.

4 Common Causes of Car Breakdowns

Flat Tire

Increased construction and additional drivers on roads cause the number of flat tires to soar over the summer. Make certain on a monthly basis that all tires including the spare have the proper air pressure by adhering to the appropriate PSI. This information is found on the inner panel of the driver side door. If a flat tire occurs as you are driving, steer your vehicle to a safe place. If you need help changing the tire, contact a towing company to transport your automobile to the closest repair shop.

Dead Battery

Hot weather adds extra stress to a vehicle’s battery and causes its necessary fluid to evaporate. The quick remedy for reviving a dead battery is to give it a jump-start. If you are not in the position to do this, call a towing service to bring your car to a mechanic where your battery, starter and alternator can all be evaluated.

Check Engine Light

A “service engine soon” message on your dashboard can indicate a spectrum of possible problems. Mass airflow sensor fault, spark plug or coil issues, catalytic converter problems, faulty oxygen sensor, and even an unsecured gas cap can be the culprits. Unless it proves to be an easy-fix for you, arrange a tow for your automobile to be examined at a repair shop.


Make sure coolant levels are up to the FULL line of the reservoir. If not, pour a 50/50 solution of coolant and water to reach the correct level. You should take a look at the level four times per year, at the start of each season. While driving, make it a habit to scan the temperature gauge and beware of an “engine overheating” warning or illuminated radiator symbol on your dashboard. Steam escaping from under the hood or the odor of gas which indicates a fuel leak are blatant signs of overheating. Safely park your vehicle and have it towed to a mechanic for assessment and repair.

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