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What is Certified Pre-Owned?

Three words that have acquired a considerable stigma to them over the years are “used car shopping.” Popular culture hasn’t helped the misconceptions about this activity, with sitcoms as old as The Andy Griffith Show crafting clever scenarios where shady salesmen are all too eager to sell piles of junk to unsuspecting buyers. Or, as they’re sometimes called in the business world, “suckers.” We assure you, that these fabrications are just that, situations fabricated for the purposes of entertainment, and right now is the PERFECT time to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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Why is it the Perfect Time?

Currently, the world is in the middle of a microchip shortage. Because today’s cars are more complex and computer-driven than ever before, which means many manufacturers will not be producing their fleet in the high volumes that they normally do. The previously owned vehicles for sale at any dealership will be of the finest quality and held to the same standards that new models are.

What is Certified Pre-Owned?

With the term “pre-owned” in the title, it would be all too easy to assume that CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles are simply used models existing within the confines of slightly different terminology. Well, the answer is slightly more complex than that. Unlike other “used” cars that don’t have to adhere to any strict guidelines and are usually sold by an independent or third-party seller.

CPO vehicles are slightly different, and might we add, for the better.

A CPO vehicle usually falls under the parameters of having limited mileage (usually no more than 60,000-80,000), has been manufactured in the past three to five years, and has been thoroughly inspected by a trained technician who makes sure everything about the car is in working order, and all parts that need replacing are done so with OEM parts. (Parts built from the original manufacturer.)

CPO vehicles also tend to be backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers the powertrain and drivetrain of the vehicle in question for a predetermined length of time. Brands such as Chevy offer limited free maintenance after purchase and even supply the buyer with a CARFAX report giving a detailed history of the vehicle.

-Note: As a consumer, you have a legal right to know the history of any goods you happen to purchase.-

CPO vehicles offer you all the benefits of buying new, ones for a slightly lower price. And it’s the perfect time to take advantage of these offers with life returning to normal.

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